Exploring Wales… in Esperanto!

Wales is a real paradise when it comes to fascinating linguistic adventures. As I moved into my Chester apartment last summer, I was sure that my one-year stay at the edge of North Wales would bring loads of such adventures my way. Little did I know however, that there’ll be more to this than a fascinating insight into the lives of Welsh-speakers… In October 2017, … Continue reading Exploring Wales… in Esperanto!

10 Covers in Lesser-Known Languages You Should Listen To

YouTube is filled with foreign-language covers of famous songs: American hits in French, Latin American pop songs in English, classic Czech melodies in Polish. But how often do you see the Beatles, Leonard Cohen or Metallica covered in Udmurt, Greenlandic or Scottish Gaelic? Some of these hidden gems can show us a whole new side of the songs we already know, and are truly precious … Continue reading 10 Covers in Lesser-Known Languages You Should Listen To

From Grandmas to Uncles: Kinship Terms Around the World

“I saw your sister and your uncle yesterday!” Oh, really? Great, but was it my younger sister or my elder one? Or do you mean my cousin? And, by the way, which of my uncles: my mum’s brother or my dad’s? Actually, it could also be the husband of my mum’s sister! Can you please be more specific? I know, it’s not your fault, the English language is quite limited in its kinship terminology.

Languages use different systems of terminology to refer to the individuals a person is related to, due to their unique classification of kinship relations. Since the topic is too complicated to be explored fully in an article like this, I don’t intend to go into much detail. Instead, I will just pick out a few interesting aspects and compare the way they appear in different languages and cultures. Continue reading “From Grandmas to Uncles: Kinship Terms Around the World”

I don’t speak Spanish. Catalan, please?

After a very busy couple of weeks, I’m finally here to tell you all about my adventures in beautiful Catalonia. As I mentioned in my previous article (which, by the way, got a lot of attention from my Catalan readers), I travelled to Barcelona for a week to attend a conference on the revitalisation of minority languages. And of course, being obsessed with the Catalan language, … Continue reading I don’t speak Spanish. Catalan, please?

Catalan: A True Romance

As many of you will already know, I have a tendency to become obsessed with certain languages. I begin to live and breathe the language and its culture – its music, its literature, its speakers. For the past four-five years, I’ve had this sort of feelings towards a rather special Romance language: Catalan. Many people I talk to have never even heard of Catalan, even though it has … Continue reading Catalan: A True Romance

In What Language Do You Facebook?

As you know, I’m living the busy student life so I can’t always afford the luxury of doing some intensive language learning. There’s just no time for it. This doesn’t mean, however, that I give up on language learning altogether – that would be very unlike me! Instead, I just have to resort to some pretty unusual methods to keep up the work. The last time I found myself in … Continue reading In What Language Do You Facebook?

Czech This out: a Flashback to My First Slavic Challenge

I might be a bit biased in saying that Czech is one of the most fascinating languages of the Slavic world. But it is. In fact, my visit to Czechia (as we call it now) got me so interested that I immediately wanted to experience it first-hand. So a couple of years ago, I embarked on my first ever Slavic challenge: replying to a friend’s letter in Czech. Almost three years have passed and I still don’t speak any Slavic language. In my defence, however, I have since been listening to a lot of Czech music and have familiarised myself with the nitty-gritty of Polish grammar – so there’s been a slight improvement in my Slavic abilities. Continue reading “Czech This out: a Flashback to My First Slavic Challenge”

What’s ‘Living for Languages’ and Why Is It on My Feed?

Hey, fellow language-lover! I have a bit of a confession to make. You may have seen an unfamiliar orange logo popping up on your Twitter or Facebook feed lately and thought “I swear I’ve never followed this!” Here’s the explanation… A couple of years ago I had a rather popular language blog called I wish to be a polyglot!, which I unfortunately had to discontinue because … Continue reading What’s ‘Living for Languages’ and Why Is It on My Feed?

Let’s Get This Blog (Re)started!

Hey everyone! My name is Balint and I’m a nineteen-year-old university student living in the beautiful city of Bournemouth, along the South Coast of England. You may recognise me from I wish to be a polyglot!, a blog which I used to run until about two years ago. For the rest of you, I’d better introduce myself. I was born in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, to Hungarian and … Continue reading Let’s Get This Blog (Re)started!